• Where Are The Bugs Hiding?

  • Where Are The Bugs Hiding?

  • Where Are The Bugs Hiding?

  • Where Are The Bugs Hiding?

Where Are The Bugs Hiding?

Ah, Bugs! The name itself is enough to bug you, isn't it? Yes, the tiny monsters who look like nightmares can actually ruin everything. And, if you are a guy who is scared of bugs, you can be in real bug-mess! Wondering how? Well, if you happen to encounter these creepy crawlies around you, it can be really difficult to overcome the initial horrified impulse, especially around girls! Yes, these beasts can not only destroy your home, but also get in the way of your love relation! So watch it guys, bugs are extremely dangerous for you! But the irony is, why are they so powerful despite being so teeny? Well, these little creatures literally overpower all you giant people because as humans, you do not spend much time learning about them as you do shooing them away, running away from them, or killing them. So, before they spy on you or your relationship, let us all strike terror into their territory.

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What Are The Hiding Places Of Common Household Pests?

Bugs and other pests love to burrow and hide in heaps of newspapers, or piles of any clutter at your home. Most of them take up occupancy in shelves, books, boxes, etc in order to protect themselves just like human beings. Many of these items are found in basements, garage, or other areas of your house that are not otherwise inhabited. They specially look for wet, dark, and damp places.

How They Get Into The Home?


There are several pests that are capable of invading your home. Pests that originate from animals can easily enter your house through tiny entrance spots around doors, windows, or other any space big enough for them to easily squeeze through. Pests that originate from plants do not easily migrate, however, they can enter your home by hitching a ride on anyone who works in nurseries, hot houses, gardens, or even kids playing outdoors.

What Attracts Them?

Pests are attracted to your home because they all have the same basic requirements as humans- shelter, water, and food. You will also be surprised to know that all pests love moisture. If there are any leaks in your property, it can certainly attract pests. Also, watch out if there is any clutter at your place. Just because heaps of items do not contain any food does not imply that they cannot attract these creepy creatures. Furthermore, any cracks in your windows and doors can also attract bugs, insects, and other tiny pests to enter your house.

What Is The Best Solution?

Keeping a clean house is the key to keeping it pest free. A clean house, and regular pest control is the best and most effective way to keep bugs out of your house. Wipe down counters, mop and sweep regularly so that these creepy creatures are not attracted to your house. Be sure that all the trash is properly sealed and taken out regularly so that the strong odors do not attract any unwanted guests. Also remember, where there is a water source, there is certainly a pest, be it any leaky pipe, or pet water bowls in the house.

So, now that you know where do bugs hide and what attracts them, let's consider each bug individually to be extra careful next time! Remember, this time you will leave no stone unturned to know as much as you can about your enemies.

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  • Ticks And Fleas

    They tend to become active when spring sets in and weather warms up. The best way to rid your home of fleas and ticks is to use an exclusive multi pronged technique- do an in depth cleaning, treat your pets with tick and flea repellent, and also treat your house with a chemical application.
  • Scorpions

    Although they are occasional guests in your house, but these creatures can give you a very hard time. So if you wish to get rid of them, just get rid of any compost rocks or heaps, firewood and lumber in your house.
  • Centipedes

    They hide themselves in damp areas like under tree bark, stones, leaves, and old plantings. The most effective way to prevent them from entering your house is by caulking and sealing gaps around pipes, doors, windows, and wires.
  • Spiders

    They frighten people more than any other household bug. They are commonly found hanging upside down in bedroom corners. Not only is their web a nuisance in the house, they can inflict dangerous and painful bites. They are very dangerous and can wreck havoc. Since they are fragile, they can be easily killed by sweeping with the help of a broom, or by vacuuming.
  • Mosquitoes

    They can be found in your home in damp, dark and cool places such as, rain water in septic tanks, discharged refrigerators, water storage tanks, car tins and tyres, and dirty corners of the kitchen. Using mosquito sprays are the best way to get rid of them.
  • Termites

    They may be tiny, but the damage they cause is certainly not. To keep them away, just keep your downspouts and gutters clean, and remove any wood mulch or excess plant cover from your garden area.
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Earlier all this seemed far from being simple and easy, but now that you know all the secrets of these creepy creatures- where do bugs hide and what attracts them and how to get rid of them, now there are absolutely no reasons to give way to disheartenment. Yes, you can now save your home as well as your relationship!

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