Escape from New York! Bed Bugs Cause Mass Exodus from Apple Store

In one of the week’s stranger stories, bed bugs have apparently taken over the temporary Apple store on 5th avenue recently.

A bed bug was discovered crawling around on one of the tables at the location in plain view of customers, and the ensuing rush to the exits cleared the floor with a quickness. It was not enough, however, to prompt a store shutdown.

bed bugs found at ny apple store

Instead, the store manager decided to cordon off the table where the bedbug was making its rounds, and business proceeded as usual. In addition to consciously overlooking a potential bed bug infestation in favor of making more iPad and iPhone sales, employees complained that a recent water leak was not enough to make management send out a message for them to stay home as it was fixed.

A bed bug sniffing Beagle was brought in to do a search of the employee locker room, and 2 lockers set off its bed bug detecting senses. However, as is usually the case, they really could be hiding anywhere.

When It’s Bed Bugs- When It Isn’t

The Secret to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs will hide anywhere there’s humans moving about. They really aren’t that choosy. But they do like to hide in dark places usually in an environment of fabric or clutter, as they wait for their next blood meal.

When it comes to the cause of bed bugs, you first need to ensure that your business and your home are devoid of excess clutter and mess. It’s true that being “dirty” is not really a factor, as the scummiest of slum motels and 5-star luxurious hotels all tend to get bed bugs just the same, but you don’t want to write off a bedbug’s equal opportunity opportunism as being benevolent- lower the likelihood by eliminating the easy factors right away.

Another thing you can do, whether you’re dealing with a few stragglers or a full blown cimex lectularius (the scientific term for bed bugs) invasion, is to put down a preventative layer of protection like amorphous freshwater silica, an earth-derived natural pesticide which stays good as long as it’s kept dry, and is literally dirt cheap when compared to chemical pesticides and exterminator visits.

One such website which offers one of the best natural bed bug killers is Defensive End!

The Cost of Bed Bug Treatment Can Be High

Bed bug exterminators can charge anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars to get rid of the nasty biting insects, so it really will be advantageous for you to eliminate all the risk factors within your own control immediately.

With a DIY approach, you can find something much safer, cheaper, and effective without using dangerous chemicals or depending on a lazy landlord or a shifty pest control company trying to gouge you for all you’re worth.

Good luck, and whatever you do, do something!

Stopping Snoring the Natural Way without CPAP

Overcoming Snoring the Natural Way


Snoring is a common problem among American and Canadian adults, and while many of us have been taught to ignore snoring as just some mundane, trivial if not humorous consequence of bad luck, it’s actually more serious than that.

The main mechanism in snoring is the airway is getting closed partially, preventing the airway from functioning as normal and letting air through for breathing.

There are many causes for snoring, and most of it is genetic, based upon a person’s weight, body mass, sinuses, throat, chin, and jaw structure, and lifestyle choices. Smokers and people on prescription drugs, as well as regular partakers of alcohol, can also have higher rates of snoring.

Over half of the US is considered to be overweight, and over one third are considered clinically obese. This is thought to be a major cause of snoring and worse- sleep apnea- according to Harvard medical doctors. I know this is isn’t something people like to hear, but it’s true.

What Can You Do About Snoring?


Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do about your snoring issue without going to a doctor and settling on a CPAP outright. First, take an honest look at your body weight, your current activity level, and see where you can cut out the precription meds, beers, and Marlboros.

Second, adjust your sleep position and try sleeping on your side to see if this helps. Additionally, an anti snoring pillow can be a helpful thing for snorers as well.

Third, examine how often you exercise and what you do. Men are most susceptible to snoring, most likely because as they age, what was once muscle starts to turn to flab, and they may start to put on the pounds the less exercise they do. This is why physical exericse is so important.

A Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Can Help


While many people go for the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device or even surgery, others may find relief from a much cheaper and less committal option- the stop snoring mouthpiece.

There are 2 main types of anti snoring mouthguards, the MAD (mandibular advancement device) and the tongue retention device. They are both effective but function in different ways. MADs act by keeping the chin from slipping back towards the throat and constricting the airway, and the tongue retention device keeps the tongue pulled forward near the opening of the mouth so it doesn’t slip back into the mouth and depress the tonsils.

Final Word on Beating Snoring


While snoring may not kill you directly, it can lead to other issues like heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, higher stress levels, decreased energy, anxiety, depression, and decreased productivity.

The best thing to do is to take a proactive approach and do something for your health. It may just be an annoying little quirk right now, but it could be a bigger problem down the road.