Escape from New York! Bed Bugs Cause Mass Exodus from Apple Store

In one of the week’s stranger stories, bed bugs have apparently taken over the temporary Apple store on 5th avenue recently.

A bed bug was discovered crawling around on one of the tables at the location in plain view of customers, and the ensuing rush to the exits cleared the floor with a quickness. It was not enough, however, to prompt a store shutdown.

bed bugs found at ny apple store

Instead, the store manager decided to cordon off the table where the bedbug was making its rounds, and business proceeded as usual. In addition to consciously overlooking a potential bed bug infestation in favor of making more iPad and iPhone sales, employees complained that a recent water leak was not enough to make management send out a message for them to stay home as it was fixed.

A bed bug sniffing Beagle was brought in to do a search of the employee locker room, and 2 lockers set off its bed bug detecting senses. However, as is usually the case, they really could be hiding anywhere.

When It’s Bed Bugs- When It Isn’t

The Secret to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs will hide anywhere there’s humans moving about. They really aren’t that choosy. But they do like to hide in dark places usually in an environment of fabric or clutter, as they wait for their next blood meal.

When it comes to the cause of bed bugs, you first need to ensure that your business and your home are devoid of excess clutter and mess. It’s true that being “dirty” is not really a factor, as the scummiest of slum motels and 5-star luxurious hotels all tend to get bed bugs just the same, but you don’t want to write off a bedbug’s equal opportunity opportunism as being benevolent- lower the likelihood by eliminating the easy factors right away.

Another thing you can do, whether you’re dealing with a few stragglers or a full blown cimex lectularius (the scientific term for bed bugs) invasion, is to put down a preventative layer of protection like amorphous freshwater silica, an earth-derived natural pesticide which stays good as long as it’s kept dry, and is literally dirt cheap when compared to chemical pesticides and exterminator visits.

One such website which offers one of the best natural bed bug killers is Defensive End!

The Cost of Bed Bug Treatment Can Be High

Bed bug exterminators can charge anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars to get rid of the nasty biting insects, so it really will be advantageous for you to eliminate all the risk factors within your own control immediately.

With a DIY approach, you can find something much safer, cheaper, and effective without using dangerous chemicals or depending on a lazy landlord or a shifty pest control company trying to gouge you for all you’re worth.

Good luck, and whatever you do, do something!

Stopping Snoring the Natural Way without CPAP

Overcoming Snoring the Natural Way


Snoring is a common problem among American and Canadian adults, and while many of us have been taught to ignore snoring as just some mundane, trivial if not humorous consequence of bad luck, it’s actually more serious than that.

The main mechanism in snoring is the airway is getting closed partially, preventing the airway from functioning as normal and letting air through for breathing.

There are many causes for snoring, and most of it is genetic, based upon a person’s weight, body mass, sinuses, throat, chin, and jaw structure, and lifestyle choices. Smokers and people on prescription drugs, as well as regular partakers of alcohol, can also have higher rates of snoring.

Over half of the US is considered to be overweight, and over one third are considered clinically obese. This is thought to be a major cause of snoring and worse- sleep apnea- according to Harvard medical doctors. I know this is isn’t something people like to hear, but it’s true.

What Can You Do About Snoring?


Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do about your snoring issue without going to a doctor and settling on a CPAP outright. First, take an honest look at your body weight, your current activity level, and see where you can cut out the precription meds, beers, and Marlboros.

Second, adjust your sleep position and try sleeping on your side to see if this helps. Additionally, an anti snoring pillow can be a helpful thing for snorers as well.

Third, examine how often you exercise and what you do. Men are most susceptible to snoring, most likely because as they age, what was once muscle starts to turn to flab, and they may start to put on the pounds the less exercise they do. This is why physical exericse is so important.

A Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Can Help


While many people go for the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device or even surgery, others may find relief from a much cheaper and less committal option- the stop snoring mouthpiece.

There are 2 main types of anti snoring mouthguards, the MAD (mandibular advancement device) and the tongue retention device. They are both effective but function in different ways. MADs act by keeping the chin from slipping back towards the throat and constricting the airway, and the tongue retention device keeps the tongue pulled forward near the opening of the mouth so it doesn’t slip back into the mouth and depress the tonsils.

Final Word on Beating Snoring


While snoring may not kill you directly, it can lead to other issues like heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, higher stress levels, decreased energy, anxiety, depression, and decreased productivity.

The best thing to do is to take a proactive approach and do something for your health. It may just be an annoying little quirk right now, but it could be a bigger problem down the road.

America Faces Major Bed Bug Problems- Even at the Office?

bedbug problem in maximus gates nyYou might not know it, but the world, and especially America, is facing serious bed bug problems. What is even worse is that the annoying pests are now invading even offices.

Several bedbugs were found at a Maximus call center situated in Gates, NY. This should not come as a surprise as most times bedbugs are carried to places of work through personal belongings, fabric or even clothing.

Facts about parasitic bed bugs

Bedbugs that have attained maturity are approximately the size of apple seeds.
The most dangerous aspect of bedbugs is their ability to swiftly spread once introduced to one location. These pests feed on mammalian blood, are most active during the night and are exemplary at staying out of sight. They are so good at concealing themselves that they can be on nearly any surface, it does not have to be near beds or in beds.

The bite of a bed bug is quite itchy and can cause the development of mild welts that closely resemble mosquito bites. The reaction severity to a bedbug bite varies from one person to the other. He lifespan of bedbugs is just 12 months.

Houston, We have a Bedbug problem

Detroit Terminix which is a popular provider of termite as well as general pest control services in the larger United States ranked the leading twenty cities in America that are experiencing bedbug infestation. The ranking was purely based on service data. The ranking was a derivative of the complementary services they offered to clients between the month of January and June.

The list of the 10 cities suffering from bedbug infestation according to the Memphis, Tennesee based pest provider is as follows:

i. Cleveland
ii. Cincinnati
iii. Detroit
iv. Las Vegas
v. Denver
vi. Houston
vii. Phoenix
viii. Indianapolis
ix. Oklahoma City
x. Philadelphia

The bedbug specialists working at Terminix mentioned that bedbug infestations in the United States have been on an upward trend from the late 1990s. The Business Wire wrote a release that mentioned insecticide resistance and increased international travel being the likely factors promoting the increase in the infestation rate. This comes at a time that researchers are yet to determine the exact cause of bedbug infestation in the U.S.

Still, affordable products for consumers do exist like Defensive End! which uses an all-natural diatom solution to eradicate the bed bugs via extracting moisture from their exoskeletons.

Bed Bug Elimination Tips

The following are some insightful tips that are designed to assist clients of Terminix in Detroit as well as other interested individuals in checking for bedbugs when travelling and at home:

Travelling Safeguards

It is important to start by checking travel reviews before booking a hotel room. If there are many reports of bedbug infestation then opt for another hotel. In addition, ensure to check the pictures, bed frames, headboard and mattress for even the slightest sign of a bedbug infestation. Try to keep luggage on a luggage rack instead of storing them on the floor or on the hotel bed. Lastly, hang clothes whenever possible rather than storing them in dressers.

Be aware of Cimex Lectularius

It is always advisable to take caution by having knowledge of the potential hiding places for bedbugs such as fixtures and bedroom furniture. Be aware even of public places where bedbugs are likely to hide such as in taxis and movie theatres. This is mainly because bedbugs are in the habit of hitchhiking on taxis, suitcases, handbags and clothing and this can create a serious threat of infestation within a short period.

Warnings signs and indications of bed bugs

Terminix is convinced that exhaled breath of carbon dioxide and body warmth are the main factors that can attract a bedbug. This is why sleeping hosts are the major targets. People should search for blood stains on pajamas and sheets, fecal stains on bedding and mattress, shells or exoskeletons and even shedding of bedbugs. Look for bites on the skin that resemble those of mosquitoes or fleas. Symptoms that indicate a bedbug bite are straight lines of multiple bites, a rash, burning and itching, red welts that are raised.


The bedbug problem in America is a big one and it is only by following the tips from a seasoned pest control expert that we can hope to reduce or totally eradicate them.

Is 2019 the Year of the Big Stock Market Crash?

2018’s Stock Market Gains Are Completely Gone

The stock market gains for the entire fiscal year of 2018 were erased early this December of 2018, led by the collapse in the price of tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Bearish sentiment has not been localized to just the United States, which is home to the biggest stock market in the world, as Asian equity markets are also seeing large declines.

The Dow Jones has lost over 4.5% in just a week while the S&P has also shed 2% of its total market capitalization, as institutional investors are unloading stocks as fast as they can find buyers for them. As both GM and Ford begin a major round of layoffs and corporate restructuring, American workers are looking for President Trump to do something to spur the economy and keep good on his promise to have manufacturing come back to America.

The mainstream American controlled media has chosen to carry on with petty attacks and criticisms of President Trump for continuing to threaten increased tariffs on a China that has gotten away with free trade exports while putting tariffs on imports at home, and yet the media refuses to acknowledge that the average US consumer is tapped out and drowning in debt, along with corporations and even local governments. Let’s not even talk about the level of US federal debt, I don’t feel like crying right now.

China’s economy has slowed down significantly and their stock market has seen a total loss of 20% this year. China is largely dependent on the outside world for achieving a high rate of GDP growth, and with the Western world suffering from massive debt and increased austerity measures, the willingness of China to quickly resolve the trade war with America reveals just how bad the Chinese domestic situation has become.

Computer and Algorithmic Trading Also Contributing to Massive Mini Crashes

JP Morgan has reported that as much as 50 – 60% of the daily trading volume in markets is actually robots trading against each other, with as much as 90% of trading being due to algorithmic trading on the busiest, high volume days.

Add in the secretive “Plunge protection team” of the federal government, and you’ll quickly see how the stock market drops 500 points in the morning, and then by mid afternoon it’s up 100 points on the day. The Security and Exchange Commission still has no safeguards or regulations against algorithmic trading, which continues to muddy the waters for those attempting to make sense of an irrational-appearing stock market.

The Federal Reserve continues to raise rates by very small increments, and each time they do the markets get shaken to their core. And yet, if the Federal Reserve does not raise rates, it could be far worse for the overall economy. Obviously keeping interest rates at 0% has worked wonders for loaning out money to large entities who then purchase stocks wholesale and drive up the price of shares, to the glee of investors but to the irrelevance of the average worker and consumer.

What’s Really Going On With This Stock Market?

It’s clear that any little event in the news is being used as the scapegoat for massive stock price moves downward. And yet, it makes no sense at all that any financial market should be so flimsy and reactive that the Fed chairman’s saying he’s thinking about waiting to see what is developing in the economy before deciding whether or not to continue to raise rates should rattle markets or cause them to surge 700 points.

And this is why we believe the market has a lot further to drop, because not only is the volatility an issue, but it’s indicative of the incredibly weak fundamentals keeping the market this high to begin with. Fang stocks dropping 10% recently is just one more canary in the coal mine. Investors are running out of blue chips to invest in, and the blue chips aren’t exactly showing much promise.

get your retirement saving gold ira investment book

Protect Your Investments with a Gold IRA

Like Kenny Rogers, you really do have to know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em. If you’ve enjoyed this massive run-up in stocks for the last 10 years, maybe it’s time you took a step back and collected some money off the table. Realize those unrealized gains. Turn those on-paper gains into real money, and then convert that into gold.

A gold IRA can provide a way for you to lock in your winnings from the stock market and then have a vehicle for rapid upward expansion once the markets drop, housing crashes as it continues to do so currently, debt keeps growing, and eventually the US dollar index begins dropping.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect your nest egg while you still can. Visit learn more about how you can roll over a portion of your money into a money-making safehaven.

How to Stop Your Dog from Marking Territory and Peeing Inside the House

dog accidentally pee when gets excited or emotionalDogs mark in the house because they are exerting their dominance or showing possession. Some dogs will mark on any object that doesn’t already have their scent. For example, they will start marking plastic bags, new furniture, and even peeing on other people’s belongings when you have visitors.

Why Do Dogs Mark Territory in the First Place?

Dogs do this because they feel insecure and to feel more comfortable, they leave their scent. Some dogs will never mark in their own house but will mark in other people’s house just to feel more secure about their surroundings. Dogs also mark outside, similar to leaving a calling card for other dogs to find.

Dogs will also leave their scent when they feel threatened. They may feel threatened because there may be a new baby in the house or a new pet. With a new baby, they get less attention, and their schedule changes a bit, making them feel anxious.

Many dogs that have separation anxiety or don’t have confidence are the dogs most likely to mark their territory. Many female dogs about to go into heat will also begin marking to let other dogs know she is on heat. The marking habit is more prevalent when it comes to male dogs, but is just as likely to happen to female alpha dogs.

Review one of the top dog doors available here:

How to Stop a Dog From Marking

To prevent your dog from marking inside the house, it’s going to take a lot of practice and consistency on your part. If you are consistent and diligent in your training for at least 2 weeks straight, you will save yourself a lifetime of grievance.

You are going to have to watch your every dog’s movement. If you see your pet sniffing or about to lift a leg, shake a bottle filled with marbles or coins to get his attention. When you have his attention, tell your dog “no pee.” Do this every time you see your dog about to mark.

It may be tedious and annoying at first, but ask yourself, how much do you really want to break this habit? Whatever you do, avoid scolding, yelling or ranting at your dog. The last thing you want to do is make your insecure dog feel worse about himself.

When your dog does pee in an appropriate place, make sure you praise and praise like it’s going out of style. This will build your dog’s confidence and help him associate any form of urinating is only acceptable outside.

The Humane Society recommends having dogs spayed or neutered in order to decrease marking behavior.

Crating Your Dog to Prevent Accidental Pet Peeing and Pooping

If you’re not at home, the best thing you can do to prevent dog marking is crating your dog. By putting your dog in a large comfortable crate, he will not soil his sleeping area. Dogs can not stand soiling the area they rest in. Plus, since dogs are den animals, the kennel can provide a place of security while you’re out of the house.

These are some things you can do to stop the annoying habit of dog marking.

The Dangers of Snoring and Sleep Apnea on Your Health

Why Risk Factors for Sleep Apnea are Within Your Control


One of the biggest risk factors for snoring and sleep apnea is a person’s weight.

The majority of Americans are actually overweight, and a significant portion of those are obese. In fact, there is a distinct link between snoring/sleep apnea and diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and people having extra pounds they could stand to lose in addition to a typical American diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Untreated Sleep Apnea and Snoring

One of the problems with today’s culture in the Western world is a relatively new concept called “fat acceptance”. Rather than openly denounce people being a little on the heavy side, or a lot for that matter, the pendulum has swung from “fat shaming” to its polar opposite, going from one unhealthy extreme to the other.

Let’s all acknowledge that we are inherently lovable and blessed by our Creator with unconditional love and acceptance. Now let’s make the most of our lives and our health as well. In many regards, “fat acceptance” is just an easy cop out for people to justify their own laziness.

Trust me folks, I’ve been overweight before, and the physical results from the doctor’s tests indicated hazardous consequences of it too. I had to start working out, and stop eating so much McDonald’s. Actually, as long as I was working out regularly, I could still eat McDonald’s, so I did 🙂

What Happens if You Don’t Treat Sleep Apnea?

Untreated sleep apnea can cause a plethora of health problems:

*Cardiovascular Disease
*Poor Memory
*High Blood Pressure
*Erectile Dysfunction
*Chronic Headaches and Pain
*Heart Problems
*Inability to Perform Your Best at Work
*Motor Vehicle Crashes Due to Fatigue and Reduced Focus

Why Many People Get a CPAP

Unlike many people believe, the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device does not in fact breathe for you. It merely expands the throat and airway by pushing air into your oral orifice throughout the night. Many modern CPAP devices have become quite lightweight and thus less of a burden when traveling, though it wasn’t always like this.

CPAP is great for people with severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) as well as the much less common Central Sleep Apnea (CSA), but it is not without some complications and side effects, some of which patients find almost unbearable.

People complain about feeling claustrophobic, having really bad dry mouth and throat as well as sinuses, and constantly awakening due to discomfort. I argue that for many people, taking action on many of the risk factors within your control could lessen your dependency on a CPAP, if you’d need one at all.

Alternatives to CPAP: Stop Snoring Mouthpieces


Fortunately, there is a way to get a handle on your snoring and sleep apnea. You can start with the lowest level of controllable factors like diet, exercise, sleep positioning, breathing exercises while you’re awake, and even with an alternative oral device like these stop snoring mouthpiece reviews discuss.

At any rate, the bright side of all this, is that once you make the decision and conscious choice to do something about your snoring or apnea episodes, the sooner you will find a solution that works for you. The jury is still out for many types of sleep apnea corrective surgery, as the US govt has warned some patients that certain procedures are ineffective, and can leave you with some uncomfortable and potentially permanent negative conditions that could make your life more uncomfortable.

Why Invest In a Dog Waist Belt

Hands free leash for dog walkingIt is an undeniable fact that the dog waist belt is the brainchild of energetic pet parents and it is specially designed for dog owners who enjoy different types of activities.

Whether you walk, jog, run or hike, a quality dog waist belt is one of the best dog walking accessories that you should have. For many pups, this handy accessory is an excellent alternative to a dog collar because it can help eliminate strain from your pup’s neck, thereby preventing potential neck injuries.

A waist belt fits around the entire body

When it comes to dog training, a versatile harness is great for training your dog not to pull on leash since the pressure from a waist belt is more evenly distributed around your body. Moreover, some wily dogs are sometimes able to remove their heads from the collar. Thankfully, a waist belt fits around the entire body and therefore, your dog is unlikely to accidentally wander away.

A great hands free leash system

Made by active dog owners for active dog owners, the dog waist belt is a great hands-free leash system specifically designed to make it much easier to you to take your canine friend along. This makes it the most ingenious leash system available in the market today. With its excellent safety mechanisms and the capability to walk or run with your hands completely free, this leash system is the perfect accessory for that regular walk or run with your best friend. With soft padding, this dog walking accessory is designed to absorb all the shock from sudden stops, unexpected pulling or that tempting cat in the neighborhood.

The material on this dog walking accessory is of high quality, which means the product will stand the test of time. Moreover, it is strong and durable. It is also lightweight and ideal for all-round usage. The dog waist belt will provide you with enough space whereas the ring around the leash will help keep your best friend in position.

As long as your dogs are happy to maintain a loose leash, you should give them the freedom to sniff and explore around the neighborhood especially when you are taking them out for daily walks. The best Hands free leash for dog walking accessories, like this dog waist belt, are a great way for them to enjoy this freedom without getting tangled.

Moreover, the dog waist belt provides a great workout while you’re jogging, running or hiking. With the leash firmly attached to the waist belt, your core is directing your dog – making you the pack leader you should be! After the first walk or run with this puppy walking accessory, you will certainly feel that some of your core muscles will have been exercised and it will be a great feeling for you, as well.

Taking your dog out for walks and connecting with Mother Nature is one of the most fulfilling and pleasurable activities you can share with your four-legged friend. Apart from the advantage of having your hands completely free, the best dog waist belt offers great flexibility for your best friend to explore the neighborhood as necessary.

You can quickly and easily attach the belt on your waist when necessary, allowing you to run and walk around with peace of mind. You may even be nicely surprised to see your dog getting excited about it. Just bear in mind that the investment and the experience will be truly worth it – for both of you.

Bettwanzen-Alarm in der Schweiz

Bettwanzen Berlin, Bern & Geneva SchweizMit eine Große von nur etwa fünf Millimeter, sind Bettwanzen wirklich kleine Tiere. Dafür sorgen sie aber für richtig große arger. In der Schweiz herrscht zurzeit eine Bettwanzenplage, und es ist so schlimm das sogar die Allianz Suisse einen Bekämpfungsservice anbietest gegen Bettwanzen und viele andere Schädlinge.

Schlimmer Als im Vorjahr

Bettwanzen sind Blutsauger, und kann unangenehme gesundheitlichen Problemen wie Hautreizungen und Jucken verursachen. Zurzeit herrscht zunehmend, eine Bettwanzenplage in der Schweiz, und dass obwohl es schon 60 Prozent mehr Fälle im Vorjahr gab. Bei der Beratungsstelle der Stadt Zürich, sowohl als bei Schädlingsbekämpfungsfirmen, sorgen Rekordzahlen für Alarm.

Von die Ferien Mitgeschleppt

Schuld für derzeit Bettwanzen-Alarm in der Schweiz, tragen unwissende Urlauber, die diese kleinen krabbeltiere mit schleppen von ihre reisen. Bettwanzen verstecken überall wo sie sich wohl fühlen kann. Das heisst in Bettritzen, hinter Leisten und Wände. In der kommen sie dann raus Blut zu saugen. Dadurch entstehen die Hautreitzungen und Jucken.

Bettwanzen befinden sich meistens in Hotelzimmern, und zwar überall. Somit kann sich die Wanzen von Hotel Bett ins Gepäck oder Kleidung einer Reisenden transferieren. Der Urlauber nimmt die blinde Passagiere mit bis nach hause, wo sich dann die Bettwanzen verbreiten lassen.

Bettwanzen Bekämpfung – Eine Teure Angelegenheit

Eine Bettwanzen-Bekämpfung kann richtig teuer werden, und kann mehrere Tausend Franken oder Euro kosten. Um solch ein arger zu vermeiden, gibt es Ratschläge von Gabi Müller, die Leiterin der Schädlingsprävention und Beratungszentrum der Stadt Zürich. Frau Müller empfehlt dass sobald man sich angestochen in der Ferien wirst, sollte das auspacken auf dem Balkon geschehen. Außerdem sollten auch alle Kleider zuerst gewaschen werden. Nur so kann man versichern dass die Bettwanzen, oder andere Krabbeltiere auf kein Fall in die Wohnung gelangen, und sich dann eventuell vermehren.

Die Allianz Suisse Reagiert

Die Allianz Suisse hat regiert auf die Bettwanzen-Alarm in der Schweiz, und offeriert seit April, als erste Versicherungsgesellschaft in der Schweiz, einen Service gegen den Befall von Bettwanzen und viele andere Schädlinge. Für ein Wohnschutzbrief Abschluss von CHF75 im Monat, sind mehre Kosten gedeckt, wie Schlüsseldienst im Notfall, Garantieverlängerungen für Haushaltsgeräten, Schädlinge und Ungeziefer Bekämpfungen, und vieles mehr.

FĂĽr ein sicheres all-natĂĽrliches Insektizid fĂĽr Bettwanzen besuchen Sie Defensives Ende!

Als erstes wird die Kosten für die Artenbestimmung des Ungeziefers gedeckt, und zwar, bis zu eine Höhe von CHF500. Falls es dann ein Gesundheitsrisiko für die Kunden besteht, wird die Allianz Suisse auch Bekämpfungsmaßnahmen übernehmen, und zwar bis zu CHF3,000. Diese Deckung besteht bei 13 Schädlingsarten, inklusive Bettwanzen und viele Milben arten wie Deutsche, Amerikanische, Orientalische, Australische, Hausmaus und Nordischen Vogelmilbe.

Wachsende Resistenz Bettwanzen

Laut mehrere Quellen gibt es weltweit einen Wiederaufleben der Bettwanze. Der Grund dafĂĽr sei die wachsende Resistenz der Wanzen gegen die Wirkstoffe in Insektiziden, sagt Jean-Martin Fierz, der Technische Leiter bei Rentokil Initial AG. Die Situation sei sogar noch schlimmer in Amerika, und hat ĂĽberhaupt nichts mit Hygiene zu tun. Das heisst, dass man es auch in den besten Hotels finden kann. Wer nicht sicher ist ob er Bettwanzen im Bett hat, kann sich auf BettwanzenspurhĂĽnde verlassen.

SpaĂź Haben im Ferien trotz Ungeziefer

Kein Mensch soll auf seine Ferien verzichten nur wegen Bettwanzen. Es gibt viele Wege um Bettwanzen aus dem Weg zu gehen. Zum Beispiel, soll man als erstes nach dem Wanzen suchen im Hotelzimmer, und zwar vor dem Auspacken. Falls es Wanzen da gibt, dann sofort das Zimmer wechseln. So schützt man sich in die Ferien von Bettwanzen, was viel besser ist als Bekämpfung.

Les punaises envahissent les lits de Clermont-Ferrand

Clermont-Ferrand punaises de litA Clermont-Ferrand, les punaises de lit se sont proliférées rapidement au point de devenir un vrai cauchemar pour les habitants de la ville. Comment se multiplient ces petits insectes, et quels sont les mesures prises par la Mairie face à cette infestation à grande échelle ?

Les exterminateurs de punaises de lit

…sont très actifs ces jours Ă  Clermont-Ferrand. En effet, plusieurs maisons et appartements sont affectĂ©s par ces insectes et nĂ©cessitent donc un traitement spĂ©cial pour Ă©radiquer efficacement la petite bestiole. En principe, une seule femelle peut pondre jusqu’à 500 Ĺ“ufs par semaine. Ainsi, il suffit d’un seul couple de punaises de lit pour donner naissance Ă  des milliers d’insectes. Cela dĂ©montre la gravitĂ© de ce problème de santĂ© gĂ©nĂ©rale et la nĂ©cessitĂ© d’éradiquer les nuisibles une fois pour toute.

Afin d’exterminer ces insectes, il faut prévoir 3 à 4 interventions en moyenne. Dans certains cas, même avec 4 passages, il est difficile d’éradiquer complétement les punaises de lit. Outre les traitements habituels, il est parfois important d’arracher les papiers peints et les moquettes afin de mettre le logement à nu pour mieux localiser les nids.

Les punaises envahissent les lits de Clermont-Ferrand

En 2017, plus de 1000 cas d’infestation ont été signalés contre seulement 100 cas signalés en 2016. Le service d’hygiène de la ville déclare qu’il est débordé et qu’il doit conduire environ 4 interventions par jour. Il est donc impossible pour les services de la Mairie d’arrêter ce fléau. Il faut donc absolument faire appel aux entreprises privées.

Cela dit, il faut savoir que les exterminateurs privés facturent leurs interventions à plus de 700 € contre 150 € pour le service d’hygiène de la ville. La Mairie estime que l’état et l’ARS (Agence régionale de santé) doivent doubler d’effort et prendre toutes leurs responsabilités pour résoudre ce problème de santé générale.

Les punaises de lit sont des parasites

…très nĂ©fastes mesurant 4 Ă  7 mm de long. Elles sont très discrètes et difficiles Ă  tracer. Elles contaminent les habitations facilement car elles peuvent Ă©ventuellement ĂŞtre transportĂ©es dans certains objets tels que les vĂŞtements, les pièces de mobilier…etc.

Il existe un service en ligne appelé Defensive End! (DE!) qui vous envoie une solution efficace abordable et tout à fait naturelle qui aide la France à mieux régler le problème, avec une livraison de 3 jours disponible.

Bien que ces insectes ne transmettent aucune maladie aux humains, leurs piqures peuvent causer des démangeaisons et des allergies dont la gravité varie selon la sensibilité de la peau. En outre, les punaises de lit sont très nuisibles et peuvent causer des troubles de sommeil. Il est donc important de suivre les recommandations de l’ARS et de faire appel à un professionnel agréé pour effectuer le traitement nécessaire.