Escape from New York! Bed Bugs Cause Mass Exodus from Apple Store

In one of the week’s stranger stories, bed bugs have apparently taken over the temporary Apple store on 5th avenue recently.

A bed bug was discovered crawling around on one of the tables at the location in plain view of customers, and the ensuing rush to the exits cleared the floor with a quickness. It was not enough, however, to prompt a store shutdown.

bed bugs found at ny apple store

Instead, the store manager decided to cordon off the table where the bedbug was making its rounds, and business proceeded as usual. In addition to consciously overlooking a potential bed bug infestation in favor of making more iPad and iPhone sales, employees complained that a recent water leak was not enough to make management send out a message for them to stay home as it was fixed.

A bed bug sniffing Beagle was brought in to do a search of the employee locker room, and 2 lockers set off its bed bug detecting senses. However, as is usually the case, they really could be hiding anywhere.

When It’s Bed Bugs- When It Isn’t

The Secret to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs will hide anywhere there’s humans moving about. They really aren’t that choosy. But they do like to hide in dark places usually in an environment of fabric or clutter, as they wait for their next blood meal.

When it comes to the cause of bed bugs, you first need to ensure that your business and your home are devoid of excess clutter and mess. It’s true that being “dirty” is not really a factor, as the scummiest of slum motels and 5-star luxurious hotels all tend to get bed bugs just the same, but you don’t want to write off a bedbug’s equal opportunity opportunism as being benevolent- lower the likelihood by eliminating the easy factors right away.

Another thing you can do, whether you’re dealing with a few stragglers or a full blown cimex lectularius (the scientific term for bed bugs) invasion, is to put down a preventative layer of protection like amorphous freshwater silica, an earth-derived natural pesticide which stays good as long as it’s kept dry, and is literally dirt cheap when compared to chemical pesticides and exterminator visits.

One such website which offers one of the best natural bed bug killers is Defensive End!

The Cost of Bed Bug Treatment Can Be High

Bed bug exterminators can charge anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars to get rid of the nasty biting insects, so it really will be advantageous for you to eliminate all the risk factors within your own control immediately.

With a DIY approach, you can find something much safer, cheaper, and effective without using dangerous chemicals or depending on a lazy landlord or a shifty pest control company trying to gouge you for all you’re worth.

Good luck, and whatever you do, do something!

America Faces Major Bed Bug Problems- Even at the Office?

bedbug problem in maximus gates nyYou might not know it, but the world, and especially America, is facing serious bed bug problems. What is even worse is that the annoying pests are now invading even offices.

Several bedbugs were found at a Maximus call center situated in Gates, NY. This should not come as a surprise as most times bedbugs are carried to places of work through personal belongings, fabric or even clothing.

Facts about parasitic bed bugs

Bedbugs that have attained maturity are approximately the size of apple seeds.
The most dangerous aspect of bedbugs is their ability to swiftly spread once introduced to one location. These pests feed on mammalian blood, are most active during the night and are exemplary at staying out of sight. They are so good at concealing themselves that they can be on nearly any surface, it does not have to be near beds or in beds.

The bite of a bed bug is quite itchy and can cause the development of mild welts that closely resemble mosquito bites. The reaction severity to a bedbug bite varies from one person to the other. He lifespan of bedbugs is just 12 months.

Houston, We have a Bedbug problem

Detroit Terminix which is a popular provider of termite as well as general pest control services in the larger United States ranked the leading twenty cities in America that are experiencing bedbug infestation. The ranking was purely based on service data. The ranking was a derivative of the complementary services they offered to clients between the month of January and June.

The list of the 10 cities suffering from bedbug infestation according to the Memphis, Tennesee based pest provider is as follows:

i. Cleveland
ii. Cincinnati
iii. Detroit
iv. Las Vegas
v. Denver
vi. Houston
vii. Phoenix
viii. Indianapolis
ix. Oklahoma City
x. Philadelphia

The bedbug specialists working at Terminix mentioned that bedbug infestations in the United States have been on an upward trend from the late 1990s. The Business Wire wrote a release that mentioned insecticide resistance and increased international travel being the likely factors promoting the increase in the infestation rate. This comes at a time that researchers are yet to determine the exact cause of bedbug infestation in the U.S.

Still, affordable products for consumers do exist like Defensive End! which uses an all-natural diatom solution to eradicate the bed bugs via extracting moisture from their exoskeletons.

Bed Bug Elimination Tips

The following are some insightful tips that are designed to assist clients of Terminix in Detroit as well as other interested individuals in checking for bedbugs when travelling and at home:

Travelling Safeguards

It is important to start by checking travel reviews before booking a hotel room. If there are many reports of bedbug infestation then opt for another hotel. In addition, ensure to check the pictures, bed frames, headboard and mattress for even the slightest sign of a bedbug infestation. Try to keep luggage on a luggage rack instead of storing them on the floor or on the hotel bed. Lastly, hang clothes whenever possible rather than storing them in dressers.

Be aware of Cimex Lectularius

It is always advisable to take caution by having knowledge of the potential hiding places for bedbugs such as fixtures and bedroom furniture. Be aware even of public places where bedbugs are likely to hide such as in taxis and movie theatres. This is mainly because bedbugs are in the habit of hitchhiking on taxis, suitcases, handbags and clothing and this can create a serious threat of infestation within a short period.

Warnings signs and indications of bed bugs

Terminix is convinced that exhaled breath of carbon dioxide and body warmth are the main factors that can attract a bedbug. This is why sleeping hosts are the major targets. People should search for blood stains on pajamas and sheets, fecal stains on bedding and mattress, shells or exoskeletons and even shedding of bedbugs. Look for bites on the skin that resemble those of mosquitoes or fleas. Symptoms that indicate a bedbug bite are straight lines of multiple bites, a rash, burning and itching, red welts that are raised.


The bedbug problem in America is a big one and it is only by following the tips from a seasoned pest control expert that we can hope to reduce or totally eradicate them.